CPSC says the problem with the yoga chairs, which were sold under the brand name Sporti Studio, is that they have the potential to break in the seat or back welded support rod connecting the back legs of the chair, which poses a fall hazard to consumers.

Specific products involved in the recall include the:

  • Everyday Yoga Backless Yoga Chair (item number 8162640).
  • Everyday Yoga Tall Backless Yoga Chair (item number 8132666)

The Backless Yoga Chair is about 37” x 18”, and The Tall Backless Yoga Chair is about 44” x 19”. Products were sold in the following colors: aqua, black, white, plum, and peacock.

The recall affects about 12,400 yoga chairs in the U.S., in addition to be about 120 sold in Canada, according to the CDC.

If you purchased a recalled yoga chair, you should stop using it immediately and return it to Spiraledge for a refund.

To date, no injuries or other adverse events have been associated with the problem, CPSC said.

Source: U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)

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