The recall affects 9 Subaru models made between Jan. 9 and Oct. 26 of this year, including the Impreza, Toyota 86, and the BRZ, a sports car that Subaru sells as well as makes for Toyota Motor Corp. to sell as the Toyota 86.

Subaru enjoyed a period of unprecedented growth in the early part of the decade by capitalizing on the SUV craze, but has recently been plagued with a series of malpractice recalls and other roadblocks that have slowed the automaker’s growth

The new recall brings the total number of vehicles recalled due to malpractice — including assessment of new cars by unauthorized staff — to around 530,000, Subaru said.

The automaker also fell short of its U.S. shipment target and its profit margins narrowed. Subaru’s net profit in the current fiscal year, which ends in March, is set to drop to less than half the peak.

The recall will set Subaru back an additional ¥6.5 billion. However much that is.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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