Neutrogena Light Mask RecallThe Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask and Activator is a reusable system for at-home treatment of mild or moderate acne.

The system consists of an ‘acne face mask’ and a detached battery-powered ‘activator’ wand, which emits red and blue light via LEDs.

The product is limited to 30 sessions of 10 minutes each, intended to be used once a day.

Unfortunately, for people who take certain acne medications or suffer from underlying eye problems, repeated use of the device may cause eye damage.

Retinoid acne treatments such as Retin-A and Accutane (isotretinoin) can cause the skin and eyes to be more sensitive to light damage.

In a recall notice posted on its website, Neutrogena warns about “a theoretical risk of eye injury” for people who take certain medications that increase sensitivity to light and use the Light Mask.

The risk of eye injury also increases for people with underlying eye problems (e.g. retinitis pigmentosa, ocular albinism, other congenital retinal disorders) who repeatedly use the device.

Neutrogena warns about “retinal damage that could be irreversible and could accelerate peripheral vision impairment or loss.”

Users may also suffer eye pain, eye discomfort, eye irritation, tearing, blinding, blurring of vision, seeing spots/flashes and other vision changes, such as changes in color vision.

Neutrogena is asking consumers to stop using the Light Mask and contact a healthcare professional if you experience any visual discomfort when using the mask.

For any questions, including regarding a refund, please contact Neutrogena Consumer Care line at 1 (800) 582-4048.

Source: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask and Activator

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