The Texas-based company 4E Brands North America, based out of San Antonio, recalled several types of Blumen hand sanitizers that may contain methanol (wood alcohol) instead of ethanol (alcohol).

Methanol is toxic to humans, particularly when it is swallowed, but it is also absorbed through the skin.

News4SA posted graphic photos from one anonymous user on social media who contacted the local news station to show the world what happened to their hands after using Blumen hand sanitizer.

The user said the hand sanitizer was purchased at H-E-B, and also said it had been a “nightmare” to write, hold a toothbrush, or use their hands.

The FDA has provided an ongoing list of hand sanitizers that may contain methanol, which now includes 75 products.

Methanol is known to cause blindness, permanent brain damage, and death when it is ingested in significant amounts. Children are particularly vulnerable to the life-threatening health risks of methanol.

Blumen Hand Sanitizer Linked to Report of Hand Injury

Source: San Antonio-based company recalls Blumen hand sanitizers

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