The FDA has issued a warning about toxic amygdalin found in Apricot Power raw bitter apricot seeds.

Amygdalin is advertised as “Vitamin B17” or an alternative cancer cure, although there is no scientific evidence or proof it actually works.

Amygdalin is known to be poisonous because the body converts it into cyanide. “A lethal dose of cyanide can rapidly lead to severe hypotension, apnea, seizures, and death,” according to the FDA.

Apricot Power is sold online at various websites, including The manufacturer refused to issue a recall, so the FDA issued a warning for the following products:

  • Apricot Power – Bitter Apricot Seeds – NGR FY24-015 (California Select) -Net weight 8oz (227g)
  • Apricot Power – Seeds Bitter Apricot Seeds – NGR FY24-016 (Organic Turkish Select) – Net weight 8oz (227g)
  • Apricot Power – Seeds Bitter Apricot Seeds – NGR FY24-017 (South African Select) – Net weight 16oz (454g)

These products contain raw bitter apricot kernels, which are the almond-like seeds that are found inside the pits or stones of an apricot fruit.

Apricot kernels naturally contain amygdalin, a poisonous substance that can cause side effects after eating just a few raw apricot kernels.

The symptoms of mild cyanide poisoning include difficulty breathing, bluish discoloration of the skin, weakness, and lightheadedness.

The symptoms of severe cyanide poisoning include coma, seizures, stupor, heart rhythm problems, cardiovascular collapse, and metabolic acidosis.

The long-term symptoms may include impaired eyesight, deafness, loss of balance, and sensory or motor nerve dysfunction.

The FDA is urging consumers to stop using and throw away these products. Call 911 or get emergency medical help right away if you or someone in your care has serious side effects from these products.

FDA Warning for Toxic Amygdalin in Apricot Seeds

Source: FDA Issues Warning About Toxic Amygdalin Found in Apricot Seeds

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