Tag: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Program Detects Skin Cancer as Good as Doctors

Researchers at Stanford University have created an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can identify skin cancer nearly as good as a dermatologist, according to a new study published in the journal Nature.

/ January 31, 2017

Want to Live Forever Through Technology? There’s an App for That.

We all die sooner or later, leaving behind family and friends with a few precious memories, which are then eventually erased when our loved ones pass away. But what if you could be remembered forever?

/ December 20, 2016

Rise of the Machines: Artificial Intelligence Over the Next 20 Years

Artificial intelligence has gone mainstream. With major tech companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook making huge investments, there’s bound to be incredible developments in AI over the horizon. From deep-learning cyborgs to doomsday scenarios, here are five leading theories about...

/ November 23, 2016