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Anti-HIV Drugs Linked to Birth Defects, FDA Warns

Anti-HIV Drugs Linked to Birth Defects, FDA Warns

The FDA is warning that serious defects like spina bifida occurred in babies born to women with HIV who were being treated with dolutegravir, an ingredient in Juluca, Tivicay, and Triumeq.

/ May 22, 2018

Using Antibacterial Soap During Pregnancy May Lead to Poor Outcomes: Study

Exposure to environmental levels of a common antibacterial chemical found in many soaps and lotions can transfer from mother to child during pregnancy, increasing the risk for birth defects and other poor outcomes, a new study has found.

/ August 11, 2017
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Eating Licorice During Pregnancy Could Harm Your Baby: Study

A new study suggests that pregnant women who eat licorice may be exposing their babies to an increased risk for cognitive difficulties later in life.

/ February 14, 2017

Children of Obese Parents at Risk for Developmental Delays

Being overweight may not only affect your health but your child's development as well, according to a new study.

/ January 3, 2017