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BMW Says 'Do Not Drive' 90,000 Vehicles With Dangerous Airbags

BMW Says ‘Do Not Drive’ 90,000 Vehicles With Dangerous Airbags

BMW issued a "do not drive" order for 90,000 older-model vehicles with Takata airbags that can explode and spew deadly metal shrapnel.

/ May 8, 2023
BMW Mystery Fire

BMW to Recall 1.6 Million Vehicles Over Fire Risk

German automaker BMW said it is expanding a previous recall to include 1.6 million additional vehicles worldwide over concerns that fluid leaks could start engine fires.

/ October 25, 2018
BMW 7-Series

BMW to Recall 5 and 7-Series Luxury Sedans for Wrong Engine Software

German automaker BMW has announced plans to recall nearly 12,000 vehicles that were found to contain the wrong engine management software, according to Reuters.

/ February 27, 2018
BMW i3

BMW to Recall Every i3 EVs Ever Sold in the U.S. Over Crash Test Fail

BMW has issued a stop-sale order and recall for every i3 ever sold in the U.S., from model years 2014 to the current 2018 vehicle, over an increased risk of neck injury discovered in crash testing.

/ November 28, 2017
BMW Mystery Fire

BMW Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles for Fire Hazard

BMW recalled 1.4 million vehicles for risk of fire, with repairs starting on December 18. Until then, BMW asks owners to keep their cars outside to prevent parked cars from catching on fire in the garage.

/ November 6, 2017

BMW Recalls 7-Series Cars Amid Reports That Doors Fly Open While Driving

BMW is recalling more than 45,000 older 7-Series cars in the U.S. because the doors can fly open unexpectedly while they're being driven.

/ May 30, 2017
Airbag Class Action Settlemnet

Four Auto-Makers Pay $553 Million Airbag Lawsuit Settlement

Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, and BMW will pay a $553 million class action lawsuit settlement to compensate consumers for out-of-pocket expenses and loaner vehicle costs due to Takata airbag recalls.

/ May 18, 2017
BMW Mystery Fire

Over 40 Reports of Parked BMWs Mysteriously Catching on Fire

At least 40 parked BMW vehicles have exploded into flames with no explanation over the past 5 years, according to an investigative report by ABC News into the so-called "BMW mystery fires."

/ May 12, 2017