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One Drink Per Day Increases Breast Cancer Risk: Study

Consuming just one small alcoholic beverage a day can significantly increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer, a new study has found.

/ May 23, 2017
Lawsuit for Textured Breast Implant Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer Survivor Develops Lymphoma From Implants

A breast cancer survivor from Missouri who had a double mastectomy was recently re-diagnosed with cancer as a result of the silicone breast implants that were used in her reconstructive surgery.

/ May 16, 2017
Breast Cancer Awareness Mammogram Update

Breast Cancer Awareness Update: Question Your Mammogram

Experts say mammograms are finding more slow-growing tumors that do not actually need treatment. Furthermore, having dense breasts increases the risk of fast-growing cancer, but the tumors are harder to see on a mammogram.

/ January 10, 2017

Vitamin D may Improve Survival in Breast Cancer Patients: Study

High levels of vitamin D in the blood may significantly improve odds of survival in up to one-third of women diagnosed with breast cancer, according to a new study published in JAMA Oncology.

/ November 14, 2016