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Infection Outbreak at Children's Hospital of New Orleans

Infection Outbreak at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans

At least 7 children who had open-heart surgery at Children's Hospital of New Orleans between May and July 2017 developed surgical-site bacterial infections from a machine in the operating room.

/ September 13, 2017
Jury Awards $6.6 Million in Hospital Scope Infection Lawsuit

Jury Awards $6.6 Million in Hospital Scope Infection Lawsuit

A jury in Washington state has ordered Olympus Corp. to pay $6.6 million to a hospital in Seattle after a patient died of a "superbug" infection that he got from a contaminated TJF-Q180V duodenoscope.

/ July 26, 2017
Heater Cooler Machine Infections

Hospitals Issue Infection Warning From Heart-Surgery Machine

Indiana hospitals are warning over 8,000 open-heart surgery patients they may be infected with a slow-growing bacteria from a contaminated machine that heats or cools the blood during surgery.

/ December 29, 2016
Candida Auris

Symptoms of C. Auris Fungal Infections Hard to Detect

The most common symptoms are fever and chills, but Candida auris is hard to detect because symptoms resemble other fungal infections. Diagnosis also requires special lab tests.

/ November 8, 2016

5th Patient at Pittsburgh Hospital Dies of Mold Infection

A transplant patient who died from a fungal infection he got at a hospital in Pittsburgh has died, making him the 5th victim in an outbreak that began in 2014.

/ July 13, 2016