Norovirus is Coming: 5 Ways to Prevent the Dreaded “Stomach Flu”

Norovirus, the super contagious disease also known as the stomach bug or “flu,” is bringing misery to millions this winter and even forcing some schools to shut down completely. Here are five things you can do to protect yourself against...

/ February 2, 2017
Heart Surgery Infection Lawsuit

Heart Surgery Infection Lawsuits May be Tip of Iceberg

South Carolina hospitals recently told 5,000 open-heart surgery patients they might be infected with bacteria from a machine called a heater-cooler — but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Millions of patients were likely exposed in the United States...

/ February 1, 2017
Ohio IVC Filter Lawsuit

Vein Filter Lawsuit Filed Against Cook Medical

A woman from Ohio who was injured by a Celect IVC filter has filed a lawsuit against Cook Medical for downplaying side effects. Recent studies have linked this filter to high rates of vein penetration, migration, tilting, and unsuccessful retrievals...

/ February 1, 2017
Experts Say Talc is Toxic in 1st Trial in California

Study Links Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

Researchers in New York found a 22% higher risk of ovarian cancer for women who had ever used talcum powder on their genital area.

/ January 31, 2017
Cook Celect IVC Filter Lawsuit in Florida

Cook Medical Hit With Vein Filter Injury Lawsuit

Lawsuits have been filed by hundreds of people who were injured by Cook Medical's blood clot-catching Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filters. Many studies have found high rates of vein perforation, with the risk increasing over time.

/ January 31, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Program Detects Skin Cancer as Good as Doctors

Researchers at Stanford University have created an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can identify skin cancer nearly as good as a dermatologist, according to a new study published in the journal Nature.

/ January 31, 2017
Insulin Price Fixing Lawsuit

Insulin Class Action Blames 1000% Cost Increase on Price-Fixing

A class action lawsuit accuses drug-makers of illegally jacking up the price of insulin so they could profit off diabetics who need it to survive.

/ January 30, 2017
A man from Michigan who was injured by an Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filter has filed a lawsuit against Cook Medical for downplaying risks.

Vein Filter Injury Lawsuit Filed by Michigan Man

A man who was injured by an Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filter has filed a lawsuit against Cook Medical for downplaying the risk of side effects.

/ January 30, 2017

Judge Allows Roundup Labels to Include Cancer Warning in California

California can require Monsanto to label its popular Roundup weed killer as a possible cancer threat even though the company insists the product is harmless to humans, a judge in Fresno has tentatively ruled.

/ January 30, 2017

Bard Meridian® IVC Filter Lawsuit Filed in California

A lawsuit has been filed by a woman who was injured by one of C.R. Bard's newest IVC filters — but just like Bard's older filters, reports link it to fractures and it was removed from the market without a...

/ January 27, 2017