Just weeks after recalling all Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, Samsung has recalled 34 models of top-loading washing machines made since March 2011 because they can blow apart during high-speed spin cycles.

The latest recall involves about 2.8 million washing machines. Samsung received 733 reports of washing machines vibrating excessively or the lid exploding off the rest of the machine.

Nine injuries were reported, including a broken jaw, injured shoulder, and other impact or fall-related injuries, according to Samsung.

On August 12, a class action lawsuit was filed by three people who had property damage. Lawyers say the support rod is defective.

Samsung acknowledged the problem last month. Consumers were warned not to wash bulky items like bedding on the high-speed spin cycle. Now the company has offered consumers three remedies:

  • 1) Free in-home repair and 1-year warranty extension
  • 2) Rebate on a new washing machine ($150 incentive for Samsung-brand), free removal and installation
  • 3) Full refund for washing machines purchased in the last 30 days

To see if your washer is included in this recall, you will need to find the Model and Serial Number on the rear of the washer. For more information, call Samsung toll-free at 866-264-5636 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, or online at www.Samsung.com and click on the recall notice at the top of the page.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)


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