Yes, you heard right. Kia wants your Soul. If you own one of the hamster-driven subcompact vehicles from model years 2014-2016, your Soul is being recalled.

The pinion plug on affected Souls may not be secured properly, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This may cause the pinion gear to separate from the steering gear assembly, causing steering function to be lost.

“The driver will hear a clunking noise from the steering rack while turning the steering wheel,” NHTSA said.

Kia says it is not aware of any injuries or accidents associated with the issue, and estimated that the problem occurs in about 1% of affected models.

The automaker said previous repairs may not have been performed correctly. The pinion plug was supplied by Erae Automotive in South Korea.

Dealerships will secure the plug or replace the steering gear assembly if needed, NHTSA said.

The company will begin notifying customers by mail Nov. 16. If you’re a Kia owner who is unfortunate enough to receive such a letter, may God have mercy on your Soul.

Source: Autoweek

Posted by Ray Simon

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