Fujifilm says the plugs may crack, break, or detach from the device’s charger, which can pose a shock hazard by exposing live electrical contacts, according to a CPSC Recall Announcement issued Tuesday.

Specific products being recalled include AC-5VF power adapter wall plugs sold with Fujifilm digital camera models XP90, XP95, XP120, XP125, X-A3 and X-A10. The recalled wall plugs are black and are combined with a power adapter and USB cord that plugs into the adapter.

The Model number “AC-5VF” is printed on the back of the power adapter, and the serial number is printed on the bottom of the camera or under the battery compartment lid. Click here to see if your wall plug is being recalled.

The recall affects 270,000 plugs sold in the U.S., along with another 24,000 sold in Canada, the agency said. Affected products were manufactured in China and sold at retailers across the U.S. and online.

If you purchased a camera that came with a recalled wall plug, Fujifilm will provide a replacement plug and adapter unit free of charge.
To date, no injuries or other incidents have been associated with the recall, Fuji said.

Fujifilm Power Adapter, Wall Plug USB Cable


Source: NBC Chicago

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