Price Chopper and Market 32 recalled sushi that was sold in the deli section of the supermarkets, according to a recall notice.

All sushi made with tuna manufactured by AFC Sushi has been recalled, but according to a press release from the companies, Listeria was only found in sushi at two stores:

To date, affected sushi has only been found at the Price Chopper stories in Edwardsville, PA, at 180 Westside Mall, and in Rotterdam, NY, at 1879 Altamont Avenue.”

The recall notice posted on the Price Chopper website indicates that many customers who bought the recalled sushi have already been contacted through their “SoundBite” recall notification program.

For anyone else who is concerned that they may have purchased or eaten the recalled sushi, check this list of UPC Codes and names:

  • 2301200013 Plus Trio
  • 2301200017 Sushi Ultimate
  • 2301200023 Sushi Delight
  • 2301200024 Sushi Deluxe
  • 2301200026 Rock & Roll
  • 2301200037 Chef Sampler C
  • 2301200038 Chef Sampler D
  • 2301200039 Chef Sampler E
  • 2301200040 Jalapeno Roll
  • 2301200050 Spicy Roll (BR Rice)
  • 2301200070 Done Deal Roll
  • 2301200100 Spicy Roll
  • 2301200110 Hawaiian Roll
  • 2301200121 Rainbow Roll
  • 2301200210 Rainbow Roll Special
  • 2301200211 Super Calif Mix
  • 2301200212 Super Spicy Mix
  • 2301200252 Sunny Delight Party Tray
  • 2301200701 Happy Heart Platter
  • 2301250190 Red Chili Roll
  • 2301286181 Sashimi Sampler
  • 2301286209 G-Shock Roll
  • 2301286481 Chef Sampler A
  • 2301286482 Chef Sampler B
  • 2301290115 Hybrid Roku Platter
  • 2301290116 Hybrid Go Tray
  • 2301290117 Hybrid Yon Tray
  • 2301290118 Hybrid San Platter
  • 2301290119 Hybrid Ni Platter
  • 2301290120 Hybrid Ichi Platter
  • 2301290138 Spicy Tuna Roll SP
  • 2301290169 Spicy Tuna Roll SP (BR)
  • 2301290245 HYBRID MINI PLATTER
  • 2301290360 CLASSIC YUMMY ROLL
  • 2301290376 ROASTED EEL & CUKE ROLL
  • 2301290377 SEARED TUNA & MISO MAYO R
  • 2301290379 TUNA TATAKI ROLL
  • 2301290380 UNA MAYO ROLL

No illnesses have been reported, but infections with Listeria can be very serious or deadly — especially for young children, older adults, people with weak immune systems, and pregnant women.

Healthy adults may experience symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Listeria infections can also cause miscarriage or stillbirth. It can take up to 70 days for the symptoms of Listeria to appear.

Consumers who bought the recalled sushi can return it to the store for a full refund. For more information, consumers can call AFC Sushi at 866-467-8744.

Source: Price Chopper, Market 32 stores recall sushi for risk of Listeria

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