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HP Recalls Notebook Computer Batteries for Overheating Issues

Hewlett-Packard is recalling lithium-ion batteries found inside various notebook and workstation computers after reports surfaced of the devices overheating, melting and charring.

/ January 5, 2018
Laptop Explosion Risk Prompts FAA to Revisit Travel Ban

Laptop Explosion Risk Prompts FAA to Revisit Travel Ban

The conclusions are clear: Laptops and other large electronics are safer in a passenger's carry-on bag than underneath the plane.

/ July 31, 2017
Laptop Battery Explosion Lawsuit

Laptop Explosion on Plane Shows Dangers of Trump Travel Ban

The U.S. banned air travelers from 8 Muslim-majority countries from carrying laptops in carry-on bags in March. Now laptops will go under the plane — but if the battery explodes, flight crews will have no way to put out the...

/ June 14, 2017

HP Expands Massive Laptop Battery Recall for Fire Hazard

HP is recalling more laptop batteries that can overheat and catch on fire, adding to a decade-long list involving over 500,000 batteries and 125 incidents since 2005.

/ January 24, 2017
Toshiba Sattelite Laptop Recall

Toshiba Recalls Laptop Batteries Due to Fire Hazard

Toshiba is expanding a recall to include about 200,000 lithium-ion laptop batteries because they can overheat and catch on fire, posing burn injury hazards to consumers.

/ January 5, 2017