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HP Recalling More Laptop Batteries Over Burn, Fire Risk

Some HP laptops continue to be sold with defective batteries that may cause “fire and burn damage,” the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced on Tuesday.

/ March 15, 2019
Fujitsu Recalls Laptop Batteries for Fire Hazard

Fujitsu Recalls Laptop Batteries for Fire Hazard

The recall was issued after 1 report of a laptop battery fire in Canada. Fujitsu has recalled about 5,800 Panasonic lithium-ion laptop battery packs in the United States and another 606 batteries in Canada. According to the recall notice posted...

/ February 9, 2018
Photo of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th Gen.) Black Version

Lenovo Recalls ThinkPad Laptops for Fire Hazard

Lenovo Inc., of Morrisville, North Carolina recaled about 78,000 of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Laptops (5th Generation) due to a fire hazard.

/ February 6, 2018
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HP Recalls Notebook Computer Batteries for Overheating Issues

Hewlett-Packard is recalling lithium-ion batteries found inside various notebook and workstation computers after reports surfaced of the devices overheating, melting and charring.

/ January 5, 2018
Laptop Explosion Risk Prompts FAA to Revisit Travel Ban

Laptop Explosion Risk Prompts FAA to Revisit Travel Ban

The conclusions are clear: Laptops and other large electronics are safer in a passenger's carry-on bag than underneath the plane.

/ July 31, 2017
Laptop Battery Explosion Lawsuit

Laptop Explosion on Plane Shows Dangers of Trump Travel Ban

The U.S. banned air travelers from 8 Muslim-majority countries from carrying laptops in carry-on bags in March. Now laptops will go under the plane — but if the battery explodes, flight crews will have no way to put out the...

/ June 14, 2017

HP Expands Massive Laptop Battery Recall for Fire Hazard

HP is recalling more laptop batteries that can overheat and catch on fire, adding to a decade-long list involving over 500,000 batteries and 125 incidents since 2005.

/ January 24, 2017
Toshiba Sattelite Laptop Recall

Toshiba Recalls Laptop Batteries Due to Fire Hazard

Toshiba is expanding a recall to include about 200,000 lithium-ion laptop batteries because they can overheat and catch on fire, posing burn injury hazards to consumers.

/ January 5, 2017