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Lawsuit Claims Exploding Phone Battery Ended Basketball Career

Lawsuit Claims Exploding Phone Battery Ended Basketball Career

A lawsuit was filed by a man who claims that an exploding LG phone battery caused injuries that ended his basketball career.

/ September 5, 2019
AmazonBasics portable power bank, with product ID number B00LRK8I7O printed on the back of the unit.

AmazonBasics Battery Packs Recalled for Fire Hazard

Amazon, of Seattle, Washington, is recalling about 260,000 AmazonBasics portable power banks due to a possible fire hazard.

/ March 13, 2018

HP Expands Massive Laptop Battery Recall for Fire Hazard

HP is recalling more laptop batteries that can overheat and catch on fire, adding to a decade-long list involving over 500,000 batteries and 125 incidents since 2005.

/ January 24, 2017
Toshiba Sattelite Laptop Recall

Toshiba Recalls Laptop Batteries Due to Fire Hazard

Toshiba is expanding a recall to include about 200,000 lithium-ion laptop batteries because they can overheat and catch on fire, posing burn injury hazards to consumers.

/ January 5, 2017
E-cigarette explosion

FDA Will Investigate E-Cig Battery Explosion Risk

There have been over 200 reports of e-cigarettes exploding when the lithium-ion batteries overheated. Just days ago, video cameras caught one exploding in the pocket of a man on a bus in California.

/ January 4, 2017