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5 Deaths Linked to Weight-Loss Stomach Balloons: FDA

5 Deaths Linked to Weight-Loss Stomach Balloons

The ReShape and Orbera fluid-filled stomach balloons for weight-loss have been linked to 5 deaths and dozens of reports of pancreatitis and spontaneously over-filling with fluid or air — sometimes within days.

/ August 11, 2017
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Want to Lose Weight? Try Turning Off the Tube

Eating without the distraction of T.V., computers, or work can help people lose weight and keep the pounds off, a new study has found.

/ May 29, 2017

FDA Warns of Weight-Loss Stomach Balloon Side Effects

Dozens of injuries and four hospitalizations have been linked to ReShape and Orbera stomach balloons that were over-inflated with too much fluid or caused pancreatitis by putting pressure on organs.

/ February 9, 2017