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Pinnacle Hip Implant Lawsuit

[BREAKING] $1 Billion Awarded in Metal Hip Implant Trial

Six people who were injured by a metal-on-metal hip implant made by Johnson & Johnson were awarded over $1 billion by a federal jury in Dallas, Texas.

/ December 1, 2016
Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawsuit Settlements

J&J Faces 13,000 Risperdal Lawsuits Over “Man Boobs”

Juries have awarded $75 million to boys who were prescribed Risperdal "off-label" as young children and grew female breasts, a condition also known as gynecomastia.

/ December 1, 2016

Bitcoin Basics: 5 Things You Need to Know About the World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is changing the way monetary transactions are conducted on a global scale. Here are five things you need to know about the future of money in the digital age.

/ November 29, 2016
Petting Zoo E. Coli Outbreak Award

Girl Who Got E. Coli At Petting Zoo Awarded $7.5 Million

A jury in Minnesota awarded $7.55 million on behalf of a 10 year-old girl who was infected with E. coli at a petting zoo on a pumpkin farm.

/ November 28, 2016

Season’s Beatings: Black Friday Deals Turn Holiday Shoppers into Crazed Animals

Black Friday kicked off this year’s annual orgy of seasonal spending, with bargains so great they brought out the worst in deal-crazed holiday shoppers.

/ November 28, 2016
Tonka Truck Recall

Toys ‘R’ Us Pulls Tonka Trucks Due to Fire Risk

Toys R Us stops selling a ride-on Tonka truck after a family in Washington state said it burst into flames in the back of their actual pickup truck on the way home from the store. Good thing it wasn't under...

/ November 21, 2016
Fracking Earthquake Class Action

Oklahoma Town Hit By Earthquakes Sues Fracking Companies

An Oklahoma town hit by the largest earthquake in state history has filed a class action lawsuit accusing 27 energy companies of triggering the quakes by injecting fracking-wastewater on unstable fault-lines.

/ November 18, 2016

Saudi Arabia Warns Trump Not to Block Oil Imports

Saudi Arabia is cautioning President-elect Donald Trump against carrying out a threat to cut off all U.S. purchases of the kingdom's oil reserves.

/ November 18, 2016
Jeep Fire Lawsuit

Court Upholds $40 Million Jury Verdict in Jeep Fire Lawsuit

Judges upheld a $40 million award to the family of a 4 year-old boy who died in a Jeep that exploded into flames after a rear-end collision.

/ November 16, 2016

China to Block iPhone Sales if Trump Declares Trade War

China has threatened to stop buying American goods, including automobiles and the popular Apple iPhone, if president-elect Donald Trump delivers on a campaign promise to impose massive tariffs on the country's imports.

/ November 15, 2016