Günther Tulip IVC Filter Lawsuit Filed Against Cook Medical

A man from Texas has filed an IVC filter lawsuit against Cook Medical in a litigation involving over 800 similar cases.

/ August 25, 2016
Man from Virginia files Cook Celect IVC filter lawsuit.

Virginia Man Files Cook Celect® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A man who was injured by an IVC filter has joined a federal litigation involving more than 800 lawsuits against Cook Medical.

/ August 24, 2016
IVC Filter Lawsuit Against B. Braun

B. Braun Vena Tech IVC Filter Lawsuit Filed in Pennsylvania

A woman who was injured when her permanent IVC filter was crushed with blood clots has filed a lawsuit against B. Braun.

/ August 23, 2016

IVC Filter Lawsuit Filed in Arizona

A woman who was injured by a Meridian® blood clot filter made by C.R. Bard has filed a lawsuit.

/ August 22, 2016
McDonald's Pulls Happy Meal Watch After Kids Burned

Happy Meal Watch Pulled After Kids Burned

McDonald's pulls the "Step-It" fitness-tracking watches out of Happy Meals after an Arkansas mom reports skin irritation and burns.

/ August 19, 2016
IVC Filter Injury Lawsuit

Cook IVC Filter Settlement Talks Fail

Cook Medical and lawyers for hundreds of people who were injured by IVC filters have failed to reach a settlement.

/ August 18, 2016

Cases Picked for Xarelto Trials in 2017

A federal judge overseeing 7,200 Xarelto lawsuits has picked a case involving a man who experienced severe gastrointestinal bleeding for the first "bellwether" trial in February 2017.

/ August 17, 2016

Genki Sushi Closed After Scallops Linked to Hepatitis A Outbreak

Scallops served at Genki Sushi restaurants in Hawaii have been linked to an outbreak of hepatitis A that sickened 168 people since April.

/ August 16, 2016

$25 Million Settlement Offered in WEN Class Action Lawsuit

Consumers who went bald after using WEN Cleansing Conditioner could be eligible for up to $20,000 as part of a proposed $25 million class action lawsuit settlement.

/ August 15, 2016

Alfalfa Sprouts Recalled After Salmonella Sickens 30

Sprouts Extraordinaire has recalled alfalfa sprouts after an outbreak of Salmonella sickened 30 people in nine states.

/ August 12, 2016