Dozens of antiperspirant sprays tested positive for the carcinogenic chemical benzene.

Valisure, an independent laboratory based in New Haven, Connecticut, tested 108 batches of body sprays under 30 brand-names. More than half tested positive for benzene.

Benzene was found in 59 batches (54%), with the highest amounts of benzene in Old Spice and Secret antiperspirant sprays. The list includes products sold under the following brands:

  • Old Spice
  • Secret
  • Tag
  • Sure
  • Walmart’s Equate
  • Suave
  • Right Guard
  • Brut
  • Summer’s Eve
  • Power Stick
  • Soft & Dri
  • Victoria’s Secret

On November 9, Valisure sent the FDA a petition demanding recalls for dozens of products with high levels of benzene.

The CEO of Valisure, David Light, explained that butane is the likely source of benzene in the products: “Butane is lighter fluid. Propane is the same thing you use to light your grill. These gases come out of the ground, as benzene does as well. Benzene is a known contaminant of these products. It seems likely these propellants are the source.”

Deodorant sprays have now joined a growing list of consumer products that may be contaminated with benzene. In recent months, benzene has also been found in many sunscreen sprays and anti-fungal foot sprays, such as Lotrimin and Tinactin.

Source: Leukemia-Causing Benzene Found in Underarm Sprays

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