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S&W and O Organic Beans Recalled for Botulism Risk

S&W and O Organic Beans Recalled for Botulism Risk

A recall has been issued for certain cans of S&W® and O Organic® black beans and chili beans due to bad seals that could lead to botulism poisoning.

/ April 27, 2021
hot bowl of cheese dip

Taco Bell Cheese Dip Recalled for Botulism Contamination

Kraft Heinz is recalling Taco Bell cheese dip over concerns it may be contaminated with the bacterium that causes botulism, a severe illness that attacks the body’s nerves, according to Business Wire.

/ July 25, 2018
'Death Wish' Coffee Recalled for Botulism Risk

‘Death Wish’ Coffee Recalled for Botulism Risk

Death Wish Coffee Co. has recalled all Nitro Cold Brew Coffee due to a risk of fatal botulism infections.

/ September 21, 2017

1 Dead, 9 Hospitalized with Botulism After Eating Nacho Cheese Sauce

An outbreak of botulism linked to nacho cheese sauce sold at a gas station in Northern California has hospitalized nine people and killed one man, according to health officials.

/ May 24, 2017

Deer Antler Tea Recalled After 2 Sickened in California

California health officials are warning about a deer antler tea made by a Los Angeles-based company after two people became severely ill after consuming the product.

/ May 9, 2017
PC Organics Recall

PC Organics Baby Food Pouches Recalled for Botulism Risk

The FDA is warning that PC Organics baby food pouches sold in Canada were recalled due to a risk of dangerous bacterial growth.

/ February 15, 2017