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ALDI Recalls All 5-Pound Bags of Bakers's Corner Flour After 17 People Sickened in E. Coli Outbreak

ALDI Flour Recalled After 17 People Sick in E. Coli Outbreak

ALDI recalled all 5-pound bags of Baker's Corner All-Purpose Flour after 17 people were sickened in an outbreak of E. coli.

/ May 29, 2019
Crofton CC - 6L Pressure Cooker

6 People Burned by ALDI Pressure Cooker Explosions

An investigation by the consumer group Choice reports that 6 people were seriously burned by ALDI pressure cooker explosions.

/ January 30, 2018

Aldi Recalls Protein Bars Over Plastic Contamination

A Tennessee-based company is recalling their line of Fit & Active Protein Meal Bars sold at Aldi stores nationwide after a consumer found pieces of plastic in the product.

/ November 29, 2017
Crofton CC - Pressure Cooker Front of Box

ALDI Recalls Crofton Pressure Cookers

ALDI stores have recalled 6L Chef's Collection Pressure Cookers because the lid can open and burn people nearby.

/ August 7, 2017
Listeria Recall Aldi Stir Fry

Aldi Stir Fry Bags Recalled for Listeria

Bags of frozen stir fry vegetables sold only at Aldi grocery stores were recalled after testing positive for the bacteria Listeria. No cases of food poisoning were reported.

/ March 2, 2017